Lhunie Bio – About Me

A short bio for the time being. I’ll write more later. If you want to know more about me, the best thing to do is ask.




Birth Name: Brittney

Gender: Female

Location: New Orleans , Louisiana

Status: In a long term relationship for 17 years.


Therian Name, Artist Handle: Lhunpaurwen ( Lhunie ), LeopardWolf

Spirit Name: Healer-Of-Souls-Who-Bends-With-The-Storm

Inner Essence: Thylawolpard. Snow Leopard, Gray Wolf, Thylacine, Dragon


Education: College level. Zoological sciences and behavioral psychology.

Occupations: Freelance artist / designer. Freelance photography. Writer. Animal trainer, handler and caregiver for domestics and exotics. Wildlife rehabilitator. Technical support rep.

My name is Brittney, though online and in the artistic community I am more commonly known as LeopardWolf or Lhunpaurwen ( Lhunie ). I am a New Orleans native who was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. I ended up shuffling around New York and Minnesota, and have since returned to New Orleans.

I love creating art and making things. I think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy art in all its forms. Art is good for the soul, and if I can help make someone’s day a little brighter with my creative fire, then I am happy to share it with others. My hope is that I can invoke emotion and inspire others with my creations.

I love things that sparkle, shine, and glow. I tend to see jewelry as a wearable form of artwork. I find my inspiration in the natural world around me, from animals to leaves and branches and rocks and gemstones. I love to incorporate these things into my work, using gemstones, crystals, bone, feathers, leather, and wood just to name a few.

I am an animal lover, a tree hugger, and all around open minded person. A lot of these things are reflected in my artistic endeavors. I enjoy spending time with my animal companions, reading, writing, and photography. I also enjoy outdoors and wilderness activities when I am able to.

I have studied in biology/zoological sciences and behavioral psychology, and enjoy training animals. Over the years I have done a lot of volunteer work with domestic animal and wildlife rehabilitation. I donate portions of my sales to these causes and help spread awareness through education.