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Artistic expression plays a big part in my life. I love creativity in all its forms, and I choose many ways to express my own inner creativity.

I look at art as a gift, both for those who create it, and for those who enjoy looking at it. So much emotion can be conveyed with art, without saying a word. I think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy art, and to surround themselves with beautiful things that move and inspire them.

I try to keep my artistic creations affordable for everyone, while at the same time still utilizing high quality materials and techniques.


Most of what you will find here is traditional media artwork. I also create digital artwork. I work with a number of different mediums, and I am constantly trying new techniques.

I am still debating how exactly to set this section up, experimenting with different gallery code options. I would love to list all of the artwork I have right here in one large composition, but there is so much.
I have a few places online where I display my work:

LeopardWolf on DeviantArt – Contains all of my artwork and photography. Most frequently updated. Sorted into categories and sub-galleries for easier viewing.


LeopardWolf on FurAffinity – Anthro, fantasy, and animal related artwork. Mirrors some things from DA.


If you would like to commission me or place an order, please look here for more information:


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By purchasing my creations, you are enabling me to afford my medications and treatments, as well as afford essentials for myself and my support animals, including my service dog.
I am an artist trying to make a living with my work. I dream of beautiful things. I make art. I love what I do. It has taken me many years, with a lot of trial and error, to be confident enough to try to make a career with it. I want to share my dreams with the world, hoping to make it a better place through inspiring others.


I am always very grateful for your interest and beyond thankful to you for considering to support me and my artistic endeavors. It is thanks to amazing people like you that I have come this far over the years, and look forward to seeing where else creativity takes us!


Payments are accepted via PayPal, debit or credit.

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Support My Artistic Endeavors – Patreon

If you like the things I create, and wish to help by supporting my artistic efforts, tips and donations are always greatly appreciated and accepted.

Doing all this helps me pay bills, cover medical expenses, and afford my art supplies so I can keep making neat things.

Thank you for your interest and support!