Raven, more commonly known as “Itty Bitty Naughty Black Kitty” or “Naughty Cat” ( in the voice of Roaming Gnome’s “naughty fish” ), is one of my cats. Mischievous little Raven is a Burmese / Bombay mix. I adopted her through Camp Companion, a local animal rescue organization I volunteer with. She is about two years old now. She is a very outgoing and inquisitive cat. She is very intelligent, and she loves to explore and get into anything and everything she possibly can, and sometimes can be quite a handful.



Raven loves to interact and play. She is the second cat I have had who will actually play fetch. Plastic jingle balls and a handful of small stuffed toys are her favorite. When she wants to play, she will bring one to me, or meow at me and ask me to follow her and show me if she wants a toy that is put up in a storage area. She is a very vocal and expressive cat, and meows, trills, and chatters all the time.

She is so black in color, she is rusty brown. Depending on the lighting, her fur is anywhere from inky black with silver and blue highlights, to a rich mahogany or rust that glows. She also has faint spotting and stripe markings that can be seen if the light is just right, similar to the picture above. Her nose, lips, and paw pads are all grayish black. It’s funny because normally her face looks all black with two beautiful greenish amber eyes, and all you can see is a little flash of pink if she meows.

She’s harness trained and walks on a leash. I take her with me a lot of places with a travel backpack. She has painted pictures to help raise money for animal charities and vet expenses. She’s a therapy cat in the making. Everyone is always so amazed to see her out and about, I guess because you never really see many cats on leash and in public.





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