Sage, often called Sage Kitty, is one of my cats. She is a tabby colored Domestic Shorthair. She is a very affectionate cat, but she is a bit more reserved than most. She is about seven years old now. I adopted her from a co-worker who could no longer keep her, and wanted her to go to a good home. She loves and adores me, and is affectonate with Mike, but can be shy if we have company. She’s gotten a lot better about not being as skittish as she has gotten older, but she still has her moments. We fondly call her our “Skitty Kitty” because she can be fine one moment and be frightened over something the next.



When she was younger, she would always meow with her mouth closed, so it came out sounding like “burs” and “nuds”. I would jokingly try and teach her to meow with her mouth open. She eventually did figure it out, and now has a wide range of vocals, including a beautiful purring-meow when very happy, and a cute short “mah!” when excited.

She has some very interesting physical characteristics, including webbing on her hind legs, something some cats ( domestic and wild ) have that helps them run faster. She has a darker stripe of her along her spine, and it stands on end and bristles out when she is excited. Similarly her tail becomes huge and bottle brushed when she gets excited, puffing out to at least three times it’s normal size. It all looks rather comical, and hopefully one of these days I can snag a photo of it to share.

She loves to be near me, so she will follow me from room to room. Her favorite spot is a little cat bed I have under my desk, so she can keep me company while I work. Her favorite pastime is to bask in any sunny patch she can find.





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